The Lake Forest City Council consists of five Council members elected at large by Lake Forest voters to represent the interests of the entire City. Council members serve four-year terms with terms staggered to ensure continuity of leadership and service. The Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem are selected by a vote of their peers annually at the first City Council meeting in December, to serve the following calendar year. 

Special Recall Election- January 2, 2018

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The City of Lake Forest will be conducting a Special Recall Election on Tuesday, January 2, 2018 to determine if Andrew Hamilton shall be recalled (removed) from the office of Member of the City Council, pursuant to Division 11, Sections 11000 et seq. of the California Election Code.  The following candidates have been nominated to succeed Council Member Hamilton in the event the recall prevails:

Tom Cagley – Candidate Statement

David E. Glick – Declined the Candidate Statement

Neeki Moatazedi – Candidate Statement

Mark Tettemer – Candidate Statement

Frank Wagoner – Declined the Candidate Statement

Stan Yombo – Declined the Candidate Statement

In addition, Council Member Andrew Hamilton has provided this statement to be included in the Voter Guide/Sample Ballot

For additional information, please contact Jennifer Connally, Assistant City Clerk, 949-461-3423

November 8, 2016 Election Results

The following are the OFFICIAL results (updated 12/6/16) of the November 8, 2016 General Municipal Election. You can view the certified results from the Registrar of Voters here.

Leah Basile                13,912
*Dwight Robinson        9,984
*Adam Nick                9,885
Francisco Barajas       7,939
Frank Wagoner           6,862
Farh Semnani            3,002

*Incumbent Candidate
For additional information on election results, please visit the Registrar of Voters website at http://www.ocvote.com/fileadmin/live/gen2016/results.htm

Independent Expenditure Reports Associated With 2016 Election

Campaign Disclosure documents for candidate-controlled and primarily formed City committees can be found on the Campaign Disclosure page of the City's website.

Independent Expenditure reports made by non-City or candidate-controlled committees or individuals regarding the 2016 Election can be found below:

In support or opposition to Adam Nick

In support or opposition to Dwight Robinson

Election Day Volunteer Opportunities

Lake Forest has several volunteer opportunities to assist with the electoral process. Opportunities include: