Neighborhood Park Improvement

On October 18, 2016, the City awarded a contract to Baxter Miller Landscape Architects ("BMLA") to complete a Neighborhood Improvement Plan for 10 neighborhood parks, as well as the undeveloped Whispering Hills site. The following parks are part of the improvement plan: 

  • Borrego Overlook Park 
  • Cherry Park 
  • Darrin Park 
  • Montbury Park 
  • Peachwood Park 
  • Pebble Creek Park 
  • Rancho Serrano Park
  • Regency Park
  • Sundowner Park
  • Vintage Park
As the City prepares to renovate the parks, residents and park visitors were encouraged to provide feedback regarding park use and amenities by taking a brief survey before March 6. The survey was completed by over 500 residents. In addition, BMLA held four community workshops, attended by over 120 residents, to gather additional feedback about park amenities and facilities. A fifth workshop concerning the Whispering Hills undeveloped site was also held to determine possible uses. Approximately 40 residents attended the workshop. The information from the survey, along with community feedback received from the workshops has been taken into consideration as the City prepares to update amenities and modernize park facilities.